Yan Long’s Homepage

I’m a PhD candidate from the EECS department at the University of Michigan. My research is broadly in cyber-physical system (CPS) security and spans the intersections of embedded system security, sensing, and mobile computing. I seek to ensure trustworthy and confidential sensing in user-device interactions, critical infrastructures, and emerging technologies, with a focus on the hardware-software interfaces. I am currently working with my PhD advisor Prof. Kevin Fu at the Security And Privacy Research Group (SPQR). I completed my B.E. degree in Electronic and Information Engineering at Zhejiang University under the supervision of Prof. Wenyuan Xu and Prof. Xiaoyu Ji.

I am applying for tenure-track faculty positions this season. Please feel free to reach out if you are interested in my research and would like to read my statements.


  • [April 8, 2024] I am selected as a CPS Rising Star, Class of 2024.
  • [Mar 8, 2024] Our paper on IoT automation chain and Tesla security is accepted at IEEE S&P (Oakland) 2024.
  • [Feb, 2024] I am starting to serve on the program committee of USENIX 2024.
  • [Feb 13-16, 2024] I will be in Singapore and give a talk at the National University of Singapore.
  • [Jan 25, 2024] Our threat modeling paper is appearing at VehicleSec 2024, demonstrating how acoustic interference induced by ablation and air ionization of high-power lasers could affect motion sensors, cameras, and computer vision algorithms of drones.
  • [Oct 11, 2023] I’m giving a joint seminar talk and research demo with Dr. Kevin Fu at University of Washington, Seattle.
  • [Oct 4, 2023] I’m giving a talk at MIT CSAIL.
  • [Sep 15, 2023] My paper EM Eye is accepted at NDSS’24 without revisions (35 papers accepted out of 483 submitted, top 7.2%). We demonstrate how attackers may visually spy on households by analyzing side-channel EM leakage of smart home cameras owned by the victim. Demos will be put up soon!
  • [Aug 15, 2023] I am very excited to contribute to the First International Workshop on Security and Privacy of Sensing Systems (Sensors S&P 2023, co-located with SenSys) as a program committee member. Please see the CFP and consider joining us in Istanbul!
  • [July 19, 2023] I will be serving on the technical program committee of the 19th International Conference on Mobility, Sensing and Networking (MSN 2023). The paper submission deadline is Aug 5. Please consider submitting your works here!
  • [June 22, 2023] Our paper on keyboard sensing security conditionally accepted at NDSS 2024.
  • [June 16, 2023] One co-first authored paper on Android sensor security conditionally accepted at RAID 2023.
  • [April 10, 2023] Our website for the Side Eye project is up. Check out the speech samples extracted from muted videos!
  • [Mar 27, 2023] Our position paper on satellite security threat modeling is invited to be presented at CySat 2023 in Paris.
  • [Mar 3, 2023] I am honored to receive the Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship!
  • [Feb 27, 2023] We presented our position paper on future sensor spoofing threats against satellites systems in the first Space Security Workshop.